Smart Tax

Inspur Offers a set of smart taxation solutions to meet the chanllenges in limited tax base, tax fraud, Inefficient Service, revenue analytics and risk management. The samrt tax is composed of Invoice Management System, samrt tax serveice and big data analyics platform

Improve the tax compliance

Drive tax revenue growth;Monitoring all transaction detail in a real time basis;Improve taxpayer compliance level;Increase service efficiency

Ehance the tax service efficency

Paperless tax management;Taxation software integration;Unified service access;Service effectiveness visualization;Humanized functions & experience

Support intelligent risk control and data analysis

Scientific and intelligent decision-making;Full-process tax big data management and control ;Smart inspection support

Typical Solutions

Big Data Analysis Platform

Analyze the taxpayer risk through transaction data, payment records and return history based on Big Data and AI technology.

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Smart Tax Service

Provides multi-channel taxation services including “Online Revenue Authority" and Self-service terminal (KIOSK) to improve taxation service quality.

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Invoice Management System

Provides various types of data analytical reports for taxation officers to support decision-making based on diverse data indexes, models and algorithms.

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